I've been seeing more and more responses from pro-lifers on this board and others that are similar to the one below. These posts frighten, sadden, enrage, and embarrass me all at once! If this is our "public" face, it's no wonder that some think we're loony zealots. Come on! Anyone with me?

Spineless broads like you are the problem with the pro-life movement. Bob Enyart was correct when he said that the pro-life movement started to go south when groups put more women on their boards in response to the criticism of the pro-abort groups charge that "pro-life groups are headed by men".

You've got to be kidding, right?

Murder is murder. When we don't acknowledge that moms who have their baby's arms and legs and heads ripped off and thrown in the trash are in fact murdering an innocent human person, we give the message that its really not that big of a deal to have their baby aborted. We tell them that its not really murder, its something less than that. They need to hear the words "murder" and "murderer".

Yes, murder is murder, but abortion is not murder because it is not done in malice. It is not done in malice. It is done in desperation. It is done with tears. It is done with regret a lot of the time.

The groups who say "Whatever dicision you make we support you" are the worst groups out there. That is a vile response to the murder of innocent persons to say "If ya murder your baby or not we support you!" Its extremely vile. It murder. All those who consider murdering their children need to think immediately that if they abort their baby that will make them a murderer.
Can you squeeze the word murder in there any more Zeke? Have you heard of speaking the truth in love? How are you being kind to those who are in danger of having an abortion? Do you think any woman in her right mind would come to you to discuss it??

This is EXTREMELY important in order to re-stigmatize abortion to the level it needs to be stigmatized.

You've got to be kidding me again, right?

Those who murder their children are to be given a fair and speed trial and upon conviction executed. That goes for children murdered outside of the womb as well as inside the womb. Those who consider murdering their child need to have a GREATER fear of being executed in response to their crime then their fear about how they will take care of their child and get by living as a mother.
:::Head explodes::::