Looking Forward...

Eventually, I'll stop posting about what I intend to do and just do it already! This will probably be my last introductory post. These are some different areas that I intend to cover as it relates to being pro-woman.
  • The contraints of being pro-life or pro-choice versus the freedom you have when you are pro-woman.
  • Why being pro-life does not work.
  • Why being pro-choice does not work.
  • Why being pro-woman does work.
  • Commentary on news items, websites, blogs, books, organizations, and even Bible verses that relate to being pro-woman. (Yes, there are biblical reasons for being pro-woman!)
  • Step-by-step pro-woman approaches.
  • Areas that you can use your new pro-woman approach.
  • The pro-woman post-abortive woman.
  • How faith relates to being pro-woman.
  • Examples of the pro-woman approach, along with commentary to show why things work the way they do.

Okay - this is a short list. I'm sure if I were to dwell on it, the list would go on and on and on. Feel free to make suggestions.

Until next time...



So what is a pro-woman pro-lifer?

Wonderful question and a great place to start.

Obviously, you most likely know what a pro-lifer is. Being pro-life means that you understand that abortion is wrong (whether that means it's a sin or morally wrong or whatever). Pro-lifers vary in our reasons for being pro-life. I, myself, am a Christian who believes that God is the Creator of life, and therefore, abortion ends a child's life before God intended it to happen. I also use the scientific facts to stake my case - the heart begins to beat at 22 days after conception, etc., etc. For whatever reason - a pro-lifer feels, believes, and understands that abortion is wrong.

Those core beliefs do not change because a pro-woman approach is used. Indeed, being pro-life is the foundation. It is something that goes hand in hand with being pro-woman. So, the first step is to understand that just because you adopt a pro-woman point of view and/or a pro-woman approach, that doesn't mean you stop being pro-life.

Being pro-woman...so much to explain...I'm only going to scratch the surface here, because I believe that all of the posts on this blog will define the pro-woman position. Being pro-woman means that you shift your attention from the child and from all the moral and faithful reasons you have for being pro-life and, instead, you focus 99% of your attention on the woman. Her feelings. Her beliefs. Her issues. Her life. What brought her to this place of choosing between the life and death of her child? Who stands in her corner? Who condemns her and tells her she can't give birth? What is her life like? What are her fears? Without finding the answers to these questions, you're not really helping the child within her. The child is depending on you to help its mother. Real, concrete help. Help that will make her feel supported and loved - the way God wants her to feel.

Being pro-life is what motivates me to be pro-woman. That isn't necessarily the same for everyone though, and it doesn't have to be. Likewise, being a Christian is what enables me to reach out to women this way. But, again, that doesn't have to be the same for all of you, dear readers. You can use whatever motivates you, be it that you, yourself, are post-abortive, or that you are an adoption advocate, or maybe you just want to see an end to abortion for a variety of reasons. Praise God! He can use all of those things to mold you into an individual that will truly live out the Gospel towards others!

I know that a lot of you won't understand at first. That's okay. This is rocket science after all. This is an approach that stands in stark contrast to the way it has been done (by the majority) for as long as legalized abortion has been available. This won't be an overnight change for anyone, and it will take a l-o-n-g time before the tide is changed throughout the entire pro-life movement. I think, however, that as more post-abortive women, bless their souls, come out to help others to make a different choice, we will see this approach - this point of view - used more and more.

Until next time...

The Reason This Exists

This blog was created to do 3 things:
  • To provide instruction to pro-life and pro-woman individuals.
  • To encourage renewed action.
  • To provide ongoing analysis as it relates to a pro-woman point of view.

By doing these 3 things, The PWPL hopes to change how pro-lifers act in order to change the way we are viewed by the world.

I encourage you, dear reader, to open your mind to the things you will read here. No doubt this is a new approach for many of you. It's hard to shift an entire point of view, and I am not asking you to do this overnight. Spend some time, read through the articles here, and it's my prayer that you will learn something. That's all.