I'm confused...

I find it very confusing how pro-choice activists can moan about the notion that if abortion is outlawed women will have to have illegal abortions, and then when S. Dakota bans abortions, the first thing they do is tell women how to do just that. (Note - Please avoid if triggers bother you. This how-to is disgusting.)

Isn't that strange? You would almost think that they want women to have an illegal and unsafe abortion so that they can claim that women are dying because of pro-life legislation.

There is no reason you should be beholden to doctors...For under $2000, any person with the inclination to learn could create a fully functioning abortion setup allowing for both vacuum aspiration and dilation/curettage abortions...I believe this information has been kept from women for too long, and there is no reason they should not know about a procedure being performed on their own body, and no reason women should be kept in the dark about how to perform it -- especially if someone they know is having their health jeopardized by this law.

This just seems so backwards to me. I've heard nothing but complaints and warnings about women dying in the streets from illegal abortion, and now the claim is that there is no reason to go to a doctor...anyone can do it, especially if their health is in jeopardy from a law that says they have to :gasp: carry the pregnancy? An illegal abortion performed by an inexperienced person is safer? I guess we have nothing to worry about then, right?

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Sully said...


I was half-tempted to comment on her blog, but it would have been pointless. It would be like talking to Mengele.

This is an entirely predictable phenomenon. One of the big abortion groups (PP?) promised that if abortion ever gets criminalized, they will conduct them underground.

There are a number of solutions if abortion becomes criminalized:

1. Support undercover operations in law enforcement so that we have a better chance of catching those who perform illegal abortions.

2. On a community level, we need to do what you are doing - reach out to pregnant women so that keeping or adopting out the baby will be a more attractive option. This can be done by providing financial assistance, counselling resources to help them work through their emotions, safehouses for women who are pressured to abort by boyfriends, parents, husbands, etc. In a way, it's good news that these people will have to go underground. It will create a more favourable environment for us to provide the help that women need so that they don't feel that they 'have to' go to the underground abortion.

3. Promote a culture of life to help people see the inherent human dignity of a fetus/embryo. Help strengthen the bonds of community and family so that women may not feel so alone.

4. Education/preventative - give people (but esp. women) information on how to prevent pregnancies - contraception, abstinence. This should be done through health clinics and not schools.


There are many different avenues here, PWPL, where people can participate. They can write a book, work at an adoption agency, write pamphlets, participate at a CPC, even the 'small' act of supporting a pregnant friend or family member would be doing something. As individuals, we can only do so much, but if we all work together (or separately) in our own ways, as a group, we can do great things.

Criminalization is only part of the solution to the abortion problem, and it will only be most effective along with other measures that the prolife community takes.

The greatest mistake we can make - as prolifers - is to ignore abortion after criminalization. To forget about it will guarantee a huge backlash, even possible re-legalization.

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, I give her credit for at least giving instructions for trying to do a sanitary abortion with sterilized medical instruments rather than passing out rusty coathangers.

Abortion advocates are trying to recruit the next Rosie Jimenez: a woman who takes their advice and dies as a result, and then they use her death to blame the people who told her not to do it.

Christina Dunigan said...

You know, after a couple of days it gets really insulting.

Hey, Molly! Hey, pro-choice protesters! Speak for yourselves! Quit implying that other women want dead babies just because you do. Quit implying that the rest of us can't keep our legs together just because you can't. Quit implying that our love for our children is conditional, just because yours is.

If you want to present yourselves to the world as ignorant, cold-hearted sluts, by all means do so. But stop pretending you speak for me.

Rose said...

Crystal Lake - Yes, it is predictable, but it's still very confusing. I agree with you about what the pro-life community should do next, and I hope, like you, that we can coordinate such an effort instead of thinking that abortion will end because the law was reversed.

Granny - yes, the information provided was very specific. It is also very frustrating that she is making her case to the "women of South Dakota." You're right...not all women think this way...not nearly all women.