I miss blogging...

Life is so busy. The last month has been insane. "Business" is booming, with many women discovering that they became pregnant at the New Year's Eve bash. Dealing primarily with abortion-minded women (versus women who want help with parenting), it's been a stressful time lately. The beginning of March will see another increase - a couple of weeks following Valentine's Day.

I've been following the blogs, and I miss being able to comment and post here regularly. So here is a quick summary of the things I would have liked to say, had I had the time.
  • The March for Life pictures were beautiful, and I am so encouraged to see so many young people out there! I hope that times are changing from the inside-out, without legal change. The brave souls from SNM were just beautiful, and I am so proud of all of them. It's also quite telling how different the two groups acted at the marches. Pro-lifers certainly came off as more respectful, calm, and gentle. That isn't always the case, I know, but in this case, pro-choicers really came off as full of rage and hatred.
  • Samuel Alito Jr. was voted into the Supreme Court. Wonderful, wonderful. :) Even though we will have miles to go should Roe ever go, it would be a place to start, and I'm happy that we have that chance now.
  • After Abortion has had some interesting conversations as of late, and I wanted to jump in so many times, but I just can't give the time to it that I'd like to. I'm glad to see the new posters there that are recently post-abortive and pro-choice (although sorry that they joined the group). It's so important to have open dialogue, since we can learn so much from eachother.
  • A study came out about abortion and depression in relation to miscarriage and depression, and I would have loved to go on and on about that, but I didn't have the time. :P In summary, it said that women who miscarried showed higher anxiety immediately following the abortion, while women who aborted showed higher anxiety in the years following their abortion.

That's about all I can think of for now. Back to work for me. Perhaps if I had a job where I could sit and blog, I'd be around more. ;) Until I get that lucky, I'll be around when I can. My apologies for not keeping up with this more often. Hopefully, "business" will calm down soon. Then again, I'm happy that I'm busy. It means that more women might make a choice that they'll be able to live with in the long-term.


GrannyGrump said...

Hugs and prayers.

Emily said...

I've missed you! I'm glad you're posting.