It's a baby when I say it is...

Another topic brought up recently is the notion that we become a human being when "the mother decides the fetus in her body is a human being and she wants a baby and she accepts reponsibility for its care." Moral relativism anyone? Someone who does not believe that truth is relative to person, place, and time will find this statement quite irrational. It creates quite a headache to try to work out all the possibilities that a statement like this creates.

No matter how much you disagree with moral relativism, you must agree with me that it is widely believed, particularly by those who do not have a Judeo-Christian faith. So, while the principle of moral relativisim is not true, the belief the people have in it is very real. With that in mind, we can use this to our advantage when we are speaking with women who are considering abortion.

Ask a woman what she believes about her pregnancy. Is it a baby? Does it have the potential to become a baby? At what point does it become a baby - before birth or after? These things are going to be different for each woman, depending on her beliefs, her background, and even her current situation. She might just believe that it isn't a baby until it is a week old. What are you going to do then? Show her that she's wrong? You can try, but if she is abortion-minded, you won't get far with most women. Your best bet is to work from a different angle. Usually there is some line of thought that says, "I would have this baby (fetus, etc.) if it weren't for ____." Use that angle rather than arguing the basics right now. Be willing to make adjustments in your approach to have the most positive effect on the situation.


GrannyGrump said...

The people who say that are lying because they don't support those mothers who choose to consider their fetuses fully human. If they fully supported each woman's decision about whether or not her unborn baby was human, they'd not be so opposed to fetal homicide laws.

The Pro-Woman Pro-Lifer said...


I'm rarely going to talk about debate...usually whatever I say is going to be concerning how to work with an abortion-minded/vulnerable pregnant woman. In this case, I am speaking of the woman who believes strongly or in theory that her baby isn't a baby just yet.

But yes, you're right that the abortion activists are not consistent in their statements...but what else is new? LOL