Looking Forward...

Eventually, I'll stop posting about what I intend to do and just do it already! This will probably be my last introductory post. These are some different areas that I intend to cover as it relates to being pro-woman.
  • The contraints of being pro-life or pro-choice versus the freedom you have when you are pro-woman.
  • Why being pro-life does not work.
  • Why being pro-choice does not work.
  • Why being pro-woman does work.
  • Commentary on news items, websites, blogs, books, organizations, and even Bible verses that relate to being pro-woman. (Yes, there are biblical reasons for being pro-woman!)
  • Step-by-step pro-woman approaches.
  • Areas that you can use your new pro-woman approach.
  • The pro-woman post-abortive woman.
  • How faith relates to being pro-woman.
  • Examples of the pro-woman approach, along with commentary to show why things work the way they do.

Okay - this is a short list. I'm sure if I were to dwell on it, the list would go on and on and on. Feel free to make suggestions.

Until next time...

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